China Recycling Newell Equipment(Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (CRNE) is a joint venture between China Recycling Development Corporation Ltd., the leading enterprise of China recycling industry, and Newell Recycling Equipment Co., Ltd of United States, the shredder originator with globally-leading expertise that has been passed through generations, which is dedicated to the equipment manufacturing in scrap recycling field. 

Since its inception, CRNE has always been adhering to the designs and manufacturing philosophy of Newell Shredder, and has been dedicated to building the world-leading scrap shredders with the most cost-effective. Under the premise of ensuring superior performance and high quality of equipment by continuously introducing the world's leading technology and key components, such as the control system, transmission and hydraulic components etc., so as to reduce the investment and operating costs for customers and create higher economic benefits with the world's high-end technology combined with "Made in China" elements.

At present, CRNE has established the strategic partnerships with the world-class enterprises, such as Germany BOSCH, German MKS, American ERIEZ,   ROCKWELL etc., and has the long-term cooperative relations with over 100 well-known enterprises in domestic and foreign , such as SCHORCH, SKF bearing, REGAL BELOIT, SHANGHAI ELECTRIC etc. Meanwhile, CRNE has gathered the various advantages from technology, R&D, marketing, manufacturing and etc., to realize the strong alliance in scrap recycling industry.

In the global shredder market, it enjoys the reputation of “The scrap shredder is Newell, Newell is the scrap shredder” . Newell aims to achieve the stable production, lower using cost and the best cost-effective of equipment. Newell shredder adopts the industry-leading Smart Shredder System(SSS), as well as reliable and functional component design, the service life of host can be more than 20 years.

There are 78% of shredders in global, which are made by using Newell technology.(According to the statistic data calculated by the World Shredder Association). Newell shredder is also the only brand that achieving the delivery of every equipment to the customers successfully, and the equipment acceptance rate is 100%.

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